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Mammal Surveying, Wildlife Camera Trapping, Environmental Photography and Supporting native forest restoration in the Scottish Highlands
Technical support, spares and repairs for Ltl Acorn cellular and non-cellular cameras


This site is under construction and will probably take me several weeks or months to fully build.

Since starting I broke my leg and as of mid November I still have about six weeks of recovery ahead if all goes well.
The nature of the injury limits the amount of time I can sit or stand so this build is going to take me into the new year.

It replaces my original site ( which was hijacked by an online gaming site after I accidently did not renew my URL registration. Long story and enough said.

All my original content is at and will be incorporated on a blog page within this site a.s.a.p

Blog layout and content is also being changed although most of the original posts will remain except for out of date technical material.

Ron Bury's Wildlife

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Hen Harrier feeding chicks at nest

Birds of prey at nest images shown on this website were taken during government licenced surveys using Acorn trail cameras and are the copyright of various authors.

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