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Mammal Surveying, Wildlife Camera Trapping, Environmental Photography and Supporting native forest restoration in the Scottish Highlands
Technical support, spares and repairs for Ltl Acorn cellular and non-cellular cameras

How to contact me.

I am often in locations that don't have mobile network coverage so for whichever method you use to try and contact me, if I don't answer please leave a message or try again later.

In case I miss your message and haven't got back to you, please keep trying.

Email: ronbury28[at]

For help with cameras please use Skype if possible, either by IM or make a contact request for voice and/or video and file transfer
My Skype name is ron.bury
Please make a contact request to talk
If you do not have Skype you can download it here

Mobile: +44 (0) 7434467756 - Please don't leave messages.

Landline: +44 (0) 1456 415 726 - Please leave a message if I don't answer.

Skype Number: +44 (0) 141 416 3366 - Please leave a message if I don't answer.

My Facebook page is at

Ron Bury

Birds of prey at nest images shown on this website were taken during government licenced surveys using Acorn trail cameras and are the copyright of various authors.

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